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Brittany's 3 Month mentoring service is uniquely designed to assist you to step into your personal power and deepen your connection to Spirit through establishing a relationship with your authentic self. In today's society we are stripped of our authentic truths from the time we cross into this reality at birth, but when we make the choice to re-discover who we are meant to be it opens doors of abundance, truth, trust, prosperity, love, and unconditional happiness is so many ways. Brittany is the bridge for you to safely build a new relationship with yourself. Through her connection to the Spirit realm she is able to clearly see areas of your life you may not see clearly yourself that are creating resistance and blockages to your abundance and growth. She speaks to your highest self, interpreting your inner truth in order for you to evolve, expand, and ascend. 

"This process is absolutely amazing, the change I can already see in myself and my family is incredibly! 

Brittany is so knowledgeable and raw, she speaks to my soul everytime I talk with her. She has helped me to understand that I cannot expect change in the outside world without first looking within at what is unbalanced in me! I have found more compassion and love for myself, by trusting in my own inner voice, through affirmations and exercises suggested in sessions.I actually had a very close friend and old boss stop by my house recently and before she even made it in the house she stopped and said, "Wow, something is different about you. You are so much calmer, you seem happier, It's awesome!". 

The level of calmness and love I now give off is noticeable different and I can even see a difference in my husband and children. I am now confident that I am a positive influence on others. 

I do have difficult days still but I now have a toolbox full of ways to get out of the funks, I just have to decide to use them. 

I am forever grateful to the universe

for connecting me to this Divine soul!"

- Britiney F.

With the 3 Month Mentoring you receive:

  • 3 UNLIMITED VIDEO chat sessions. 1 for each of the 3 months.

  • Weekly email checkins.

  • Brittany's personal phone number to connect with her through WhatsApp giving you the opportunity to reach out for support and guidance, when needed throughout the entire 3 month. (Guidelines and Boundaries for texting are discussed upon booking).

  • You get to join a private instagram where she provides BONUS readings, tips, and tools to help deepen your connection to your highest self. This instagram is only for the 3 month coaching clients is geared towards aiding in your Spiritual journey.

  • Each session begins with 30 minutes of distance Reiki. You are asked to eat a clean diet and drink lots of water the day of each session in oder to be the highest mode of receiving. 

  • During the three months you are asked to complete a 5 day social media detox prior to each session for self authenticity purposes. 

  • Investment: 

    • Paid in Full: $1222​

    • Payment Plan: $1444 (50% due at purchase and remaining balance due two weeks prior to your first session.)

"Brittany has been my mentor for the past couple of months and the 180 transformation that I have experienced is surreal. Within the first month, I experienced content, calmness, and strength. Has it been rough?! Heck yes! Have I cried my ugly cry and looked like a crazy woman as I affirm my existence? You know it!  Have the truths she's surfaced, the ones I have been avoiding? YUP! BUT I can't imagine any other way to heal and align. This mentorship has been the best gift to myself. It was time for me to LOVE myself, and her guidance is GOLD. The connection between her divine team and mine, have me feeling all types of chills every time we speak. I am beyond grateful for her, her divine team, the universe, and my divine team, whom led me to her. I love her authenticity. She is truly one of a kind! I am humbled to have the opportunity to have her as my mentor and excited to continue to learn from her guidance. The LOVE is real!"

- Zandy G.



PAID IN FULL: following purchase please send proof of purchase to Info@synergysoul.org with first name, last name, and phone number where you can be reached to schedule your coaching sessions.


following purchase please send proof of purchase to Info@synergysoul.org with first name, last name, a phone number where you can be reached to schedule your coaching sessions, and an email where an invoice for the remaining balance can be sent. You have the option to pay in multiple payments following the 50% down payment. Remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your first sessions.