I am the bridge between you and the foundation of your success. The missing link you have been looking for to step further into you power.

E-Courses & Webinars

From Breath work to Spiritual Hygiene my e-courses and webinars assist you in creating a strong relationship with your Spiritual, mental, and emotional health and wealth.


Metaphysical Practitioner Program

The Synergy Soul Academy Metaphysical Practitioner program is a 12 month program to teach you how to use the tools, awareness, and wisdom you gain through your own life practices, to become a practitioner of Metaphysics. Modules include meditation, breath work, crystal therapy, and chakra therapy. NEXT ENROLLMENT COMING SPRING OF 2020.

Energetic Healing

As a medical intuitive I come combine my ability to read energy with Reiki healing and my knowledge from Physical Therapy and Yoga to create the ultimate healing sessions. These sessions are designed to contribute to the healing of underlining physical ailments and conditions. These sessions are not to replace prescription meditations or other forms of medicine prescribed by your doctor, but can be combined with. These sessions may also include candle or herbal magic/remedies.

Foundation Of Success Mentoring

The Foundation of Success Mentoring was created to assist others in building a solid foundation of all areas of success in their life. I believe that by building a relationship with your authenticity, and spiritual, mental, emotional health, you create a solid foundation for you future in all ways. To find out more about the Foundation of Success Mentoring Click the button below. 


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